How To Make a Meme


Above is a tutorial I did on how to make a meme. Memes are fun little images that you can share with people to get a good laugh. They are very easy to make with the help of sites such as

Here is the meme we ended up with!


Screencasting was a lot of fun, and can be used in an educational environment in multiple ways.

Some of these ways include

1. If you are out sick and have a substitute with your students you can use a screencast to direct the substitute on how to run things.

2. If there is ever any researching that students have to do online then you can guide them on how to find their material through screen-casting.

3. You can demonstrate to students how to safely browse through images.

4. You can teach students a step by step of how to do something in case a students missed class.

5. Teach students how to blog and communicate with other students effectively.


One thought on “How To Make a Meme”

  1. This is AWESOME. I honestly did not know where these memes came from. One main reason is that I never really did the research I just thought they were hilarious and did not realize they were that easy to make. I obviously do not have the creative genius as you do Mason, but I will try!

    I completely agree with you on that this would be an excellent tool to leave for substitute teachers especially if you knew when you were going to be out and could record some of your lessons for them. I did not think that these videos would be great videos for teacher to teacher, I think that’s great. I also agree with you that teachers and students can guide one another through assignments, which is a great tool. If a teacher is able to show the students in class and say the student still did not understand the assignment, they can always refer back to the video. I also think with the step by step process a student is able to control the speed of the assignment. They would now be able to go back in forth using the pause button and actually doing the step while watching.

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