Copyright; Copyleft

It is so much easier to find talent today than it would have been a few decades ago. A few decades ago you could go to your favorite club, listen to your favorite local band, then go home and listen to the record of your favorite big time artist. Today you can still do all those things. However, due to modern technology you aren’t limited to just that. Now you can listen to just about anyone in the world, even if they don’t want you to. With the help of the internet and modern technology, you don’t have to go to a recording studio to get heard anymore. You can use anything as simple as a laptop, phone, or camera and record yourself with that and upload it to the internet for the world to see. Sites such as Youtube and Soundcloud allow people who want to be famous to post their original music up for all to see. This can make for a great opportunity if you are heard by the right person, but what if you are heard by the wrong person? What happens when your original work because someone else’s original work? 

I read a story of a guy named Jeremy who had posted some of his original work on Soundcloud to later find his exact work on Youtube with different titles on it. Here in a link to that story

After a long battle Jeremy got the rights to his music back, but he found out how easy it is for someone to plagiarize your work if you are not careful. You here stories like this all the time. A musician named Joe Satriana sued Coldpay because he thought their song, Viva La Vida, plagiarized his own work. Sara Bareilles’ friends wanted her to sue Katy Perry for what sounded like Katy Perry taking Barreilles’ “Brave” melody and using it in Perry’s “Roar” single. 

With so much different ideas and information out there it is very possible to think of an idea that you thought was original but it being out there already. But in the same respect it is also possible for someone to take someone else’s ideas without them being aware of it. Intellectual property is important and the law is going to have to treat it as such. I see the future of intellectual property creating more laws to deal with all the ease of taking ideas.

Children must be taught that copying ideas is bad, and not just with homework. But I don’t think we can do that if we are making students always work on the same things. I think we can give students a lot more of their own intellectual property if we allow them to be more creative in their work. By that I mean giving students the same assignments, but seeing what different ways they can do it. Such as how we all made different commercials with different laws, we can have children create their own ideas as well.

Speaking of that, check out my commercial!


One thought on “Copyright; Copyleft”

  1. Jeremy’s story is just one of so many, the fact that it took so long for him to get what he was owed is pretty sad. What is amazing about Youtube and Soundcloud is that we are exposed to more artists and that if you are extremely talented you can make it. I also agree that if heard by the wrong person you identity could be stolen, it is sad to think that people would rather steal than create there own music that all their in it for is the money and the fame.
    I agree that we should start with these lessons earlier in school, especially now that more children have more access to this information more than ever before. Children should understand what copyright laws are and how stealing can also mean downloading a song or a game without giving any credit to the rightful owner.

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