Child Obesity Webquest

Sorry I went over the time and sounded so nervous, tough stuff to get in 5 minutes!


I Think I Made It?!



This is the last Liberal Studies class that I have to take in order to fulfill my degree in Liberal Studies degree. I thought that after all these years of using Jing, Google Docs, and just overall being a pretty tech savvy guy that I would find this class to be really easy. I soon found out that there is so much more technology that I haven’t ever dealt with. I came into this class thinking that there wasn’t much left for me to learn but ended up being proven wrong. 

My first session was actually an online one and I’ve never ever heard on a class on campus where you meet online. I’ve had classes where we say we meet online and then just do work on Blackboard so it was really interesting to see the real deal. What I think I got the most out of this class is the classroom should never be boring. There are so many ways to use technology in a classroom as we found out in our Cool Tool Duel. I learned that basically anything you can find in a classroom you can find a virtual copy of it on the internet, even students! This is all fascinating because children nowadays have become very technologically involved. And I’ve learned from this class that we shouldn’t be trying to shove the technology out of them before coming to class. We can instead use more technology in the class to interest the students and to keep things fresh. Fight fire with fire! 

Group work in a class that only meets face to face once a week sounded pretty difficult. But thanks to technology it wasn’t too hard at all. The online wikis were great because it was a chance for us to contribute to a group and see what our peers were thinking as well. I felt like Google became my best friend this month just because the use of Docs, Sites, and email kept me up to date with what everyone else was doing since we learned how to share it with each other. And luckily it was easy to communicate because a lot of times I got pretty lost with what we had to do. It was a great class and my only regret is I didn’t wait to take it a full semester. There were a lot of projects and a lot of new technology thrown at us, and its honestly nice to know that we came out of it learning something. I mean we are out… right?