Shift Happens

From what the video looked like it was saying is that we should teach students to be prepared for the future. Only thing is, we have no idea what the future may bring. As stated, we may not have thought that the number one English speaking country would be China, so what else is gonna come up that we may not have ever guessed? One thing we do know is that there is a shift happening, and I think that I am ready for it.

One part of the video that inspired me was when they had mentioned that students from different countries are working together on all sorts of things. This was all made possible by the technology we have such as computers and the internet. The video seemed to put both a good light on the internet but also showed some of its distractions. I thought that was good to see, and its nice that our technology is being shared with the world.

What bothered me in the video was when it was brought up that students in secondary countries are dropping out of school before 5th grade. An education is a terrible thing to waste, but these young children are missing out of it due to many economic situations they may have. I did think that is was great to be provided so many facts, although some of them were outdated. It just shows that now there are even more surprising statistics that can be gathered and much more to learn from them.


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